No Download Slots

No Download Slots have been given that name because they need not be downloaded on to the player's hard drive. They are also called Instant Play Slots. Because there is no need of downloading and installation players can start wagering on them instantly. They are also known as Flash Slots because they employ Flash software.

It was the Flash software that allowed the graphics rich slots games to be played using small memory capacities. Hence these games can be played in the browsers of computers without needing hard drive storage. Today the No Download Slots are equal in quality as compared to the Download Slots.

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What are No Download Slots / Casinos?

As in the case of Download Casinos, the software for No Download Casinos is stored on the server of the online casino. When a player opts for using the Download Casino he has to download and install the software on to his computer. However, when the player opts for using the No Download Casino, he accesses the games from the online casino's server. The slots games in the No Download Casino are referred to as No Download Slots. The player selects the No Download Slots he wants and it will open in his browser. He can then wager on the game in the usual manner.

There are fewer No Download Slots as compared to Download Slots. This is because No Download Slots are a later introduction, having been introduced around 2000. In fact, No Download Slots really became popularly only when fast Internet connection speeds became easily available. In the initial stages software developers converted their best Download Slots to the No Download format. Therefore there was little incentive to wager on No Download Slots. Today No Download Casinos have independent slots games that are not available in the Download Slots portfolio. Some software developers have done away with Download Casinos altogether.

How No Download Slots Work

The player has to select the No Download Casino from the online casino web site. In many online casinos this will be designated as Instant Play Casino. Once the No Download Casino is accessed, the player will have to log in. If he does not have an account he would have to create a new one. Some No Download Casinos allow players to play for free without logging in.

At the No Download Casino the player will have to browse through the games menu and select the No Download Slots that he wants. He can also wager on any other No Download game. This will open in his browser. His account balance will automatically be extracted and displayed. The player then wagers as usual. He can wager on any number of No Download Slots as he wants to. After finishing wagering the player can sign off. His new balance will be saved in his account.

Benefits of Playing No Download Slots

The initial disadvantage of No Download Slots was that the gaming experience was not as good. Slow Internet connections led to freezing or jerking or frequent disconnections. However, this will not be a problem today unless the player is using a slow dial-up connection. The main advantage of No Download Slots is that they do not require enormous hard drive space. The games are played in the browser and hence some cache memory will be required. Players should keep clearing the temporary Internet files regularly to free this memory. The other advantage is that No Download Slots are compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

General Requirements to Play No Download Slots

For most No Download Slots the browser should not be a problem. Internet Explorer and Firefox are common choices. Players should upgrade to the latest versions for best results. Flash software will be mandatory. Again the latest version will be the best. A high speed Internet connection will also be required. Most connections available today should not pose a problem. But the old dial up connections will not give a good gaming experience. The recommendations for processor speed and RAM depend on the software provider. The minimum Microgaming requirements are 500 Mhz processor and 250 MB RAM. Sound card is essential and built in speakers are preferable.

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