Slots Tips

Slots tips are tricks of the trade that generate better value for money while wagering on slots machines. They also help you to avoid common pitfalls that are not apparent to new players. The most important slots tip is to look at slots machine as a source of entertainment and not income.

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As a Slots Player Take Advantage of Great Bonuses

Online casinos encourage players to wager on slots by offering great bonuses and promotions. The bonuses are higher and wagering requirements on slots games are much lower than those on table games. Most online casinos offer more loyalty points to players for wagering on slots machines. These loyalty points can then be redeemed for playing credits. Some online casinos require players to register for the loyalty points and this should be kept in mind. Most online casino tournaments and promotions are also based on slots. Subscribing to newsletters keeps players abreast of the promotion. Players should keep checking the promotions page for updates.

Understand the Payout Tables before Playing

Understanding the payout tables is the key to slots machine selection. The payout tables indicate the payouts for the different symbols when they appear together on a payline. In volatile slots games some symbols will pay out large amounts and other symbols pay out small amounts. These are suitable for risk taking players. In other slots machines the payouts for all symbols are closely clustered. These are suitable for conservative players. The rules for the free spins, bonus games and progressive jackpots are also given on the payout tables. Payout tables should be read completely and in case of doubt customer support should be contacted.

Playing the Bet Max to Win Possible Progressive Jackpots

It is prudent to play slot machines with all paylines enabled and with maximum coins wagered per payline. This is because winning combinations pay only if they appear in an active payline. Also in many progressive jackpot games the jackpot will be hit only if all paylines are active and maximum coins are wagered. Slots machines offer a Bet Max button. Using this button to start the spin automatically activates all paylines and wagers maximum coins. This is the most convenient way to ensure that the paylines and coins are at the maximum. The Bet Max button does not alter the current coin size choice.

Be aware that the odds are reduced in progressive to collect contributions that go to the progressive pool

The odds for the fixed payouts in slots games are so adjusted that about 95% of the wagers collected are returned to the players as payouts. However in the case of progressive jackpots a percent of each wager goes to a separate progressive pool to provide funds for the payout when the jackpot is hit. Therefore the odds are reduced for the normal payouts.

Be Aware of the Fact that Slots are Entirely Games of Change (No Skill Involved)

There are only two decisions that a slots player takes. The first decision is which slots machine to play at. The second decision is how much to wager. These decisions do not influence the outcome of the spin. Once the player activates the reels then he takes no decision and has no control on the game. The reels are programmed to stop randomly and have no bearing to the initial symbols displayed. Slots players must realize that slots machines are entirely games of chance, with no skill involved. Unlike as in blackjack or video poker games, there is no good slots machine player.

Recognize that there are no patterns that can help you win unless the slots game has been compromised

Slots machine outcomes are totally random. You cannot predict the combination of symbols when the reels stop based on the starting pattern. Nor can you state that the free spins round has not been triggered for 50 spins so it is due now. Each spin of the reels is independent of past occurrences.

Don't Fall Prey to Common Slots Myths

As a slots player you would encounter schemes that guarantee improved chances of winning, or maybe even guarantee a win. One common myth concerning progressive jackpots is that the machine is more likely to hit if the time since the last hit has exceeded the average time between hits. This is not true. There are schemes that call for increasing the wager if the player gets two payouts in a row because the machine is entering a hot cycle. There are no hot or cold cycles. Online casinos advertise games that have paid out big in the past. There is no guarantee that these will continue to do so.

Don't Play Slots With the Intension of Making Money

A slots player cannot become the equivalent of a pro basketball player. If you want to chuck away your job or sell off your business and plan to stay at home playing slots for eight hours a day to support your family, then stay away from slots. Do not even play slots to fund your vacation abroad or pay off the mortgage on your house. These are the shortest routes to bankruptcy and the associated problems. Instead of budgeting for an income from slots in your monthly financial plan, you should budget for an expenditure on slots and then stay within that budget.

Have Fun the Most Important Part

The first and the only reason to play slots is that you enjoy playing slots. If you do not like the slots machine you should not be wagering on it. The ideal slots player would be willing to forgo a trip to the stadium to watch a football game and spend that money on slots. If he manages to save his bankroll then he can go to the stadium, but if he loses the money then he watches the football on television. Every slots player wants to win. But having fun is the most important part. Winning is an unexpected bonus.

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