Slots Variations

There are different types of slots players and therefore slots machines developers have variations in their products. Land based slots are set in attractive consoles to add to the glitz of playing in casinos. Online slots can be downloaded on home computers. Players can play Free Slots with play money provided by the online casino.

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Loose Slots

Slots machines in land casinos vary considerably in the average payout percent. Loose slots are machines having a higher average payout percent. Tight slots are those with a lower average payout percent. There is no official benchmark that separates loose from tight slots and usually slots machines will not indicate the payout percent.

Therefore searching for a loose slots machine in a casino is like searching for a needle in the haystack. The best indicator of a loose machine would perhaps be one that has a long line of players waiting.

In online casinos the average payouts are closely bound and the concept of loose slots is not that relevant.

Online Slots

Online slots are slots games offered by online casinos. Players can play these on their personal computers or laptops by connecting to the online casinos over the Internet. The latest trend is playing slots game on mobile phones. Therefore online slots have eliminated the need to be physically present at the slots machine. You can play from the comfort of your home, while waiting for the doctor's appointment, in fact from anywhere. Another big advantage of online slots is that on the same computer you can play an infinite range of slots games from different slots machines developers. In land casinos each console would offer a single slots game.

Online slots can be played with real money. Players can deposit funds at online casinos using credit cards or other means. The online casino maintains each player's account separately, debiting it as he places a wager on online slots and crediting it when the player wins. The player can withdraw his funds whenever desired. The financial transactions are as secure as online banking. Hence the enjoyment of wagering is not lost while playing online slots.

Of all the online casino games, online slots are the richest in audio visual features that include animations. If the player's hardware does not match the specifications required then the game play will not be smooth. Hence it is essential to have the right computer system. Most computers procured in the last five years would be suitable. Some online slots can be set to a lower quality of graphics for players with older computers.

Land Based Slots

The most popular places to play on land based slots are brick and mortar casinos. Originally slots machines were introduced in land casinos so that wives and girl friends could while away the time while the men folk could engage in the real gambling undisturbed. Today slots machines in land casinos generate more revenue than all other casino games put together. Land based slots can also be found in other community places like shopping malls.

Some players enjoy the glitz and glamour of land casinos with their rows and rows of slots machines. They will not enjoy online slots, where this atmosphere cannot be replicated. Another type of player that prefers land based slots is the one who combines socializing with gambling. A group of friend goes out together and the friends have a good time while wagering. This can be replicated to some extent online line through social networking sites.

Land based slots are one-game machines. The system is not cluttered up with dozens of games and non-gaming applications as in the case of personal computers. Hence the gaming experience is of a high quality. The screens are larger and the graphics resolution and audio quality better. Land based slots can reach the video quality of arcade games.

The flip side is a loss of flexibility. If you want to play a different game you will have to move to a different machine. Even for the same game each land based slots machine would offer a single coin size.

Free Slots

There would be many people who would want enjoy the slots games but are not prepared to engage in gambling. They may not be prepared to take the risks, or may not want to do so because they are new to slots machines. In some cases the law of the land does not allow them.

The good news is that all online casinos offer free slots. Players can play these slots games to their heart’s content without staking a cent. In free slots play money is provided by the online casino. Obviously you cannot withdraw any of it even if you win.

3D Slots

In all spheres 3D is better than 2D because it more realistically represents the world around us. This has given rise to 3D Slots. In the earlier 3D Slots the graphics and symbols were crafted so as to create an appearance of depth and this was more pleasing than the 2D images.

But today real 3D Slots, similar to 3D movies are available. Players need special eyewear that focuses the different rays and creates a 3D effect. The symbols appear to come out from the TV screen and the animations are unbelievably realistic. 3D Slots are few in number, but this will change in the coming period.

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