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More than 70% of the games offered at online casinos are slots machines. Slots machines offer a great audio visual experience that includes animations. Slots machines also have the potential to offer very large payouts on minimal investments. Some progressive jackpot online slots regularly pay out in millions of dollars in a single hit.

Another aspect that makes slots machines very attractive is that you do not have to be an Einstein to wager on them. The rules are simple and are clearly explained within the slot machine game. The strategies and tips are geared to managing bankrolls and fine-tuning the playing experience for maximum value. And all online casinos allow players to play the slots machines for free so that they can get hands on experience before wagering with real money.

The Learning Slots section will take you step by step through all you need to know to become a pro slots player.

  • Slot Machine History

    The first slot machines were developed towards the end of the 19th century. These were mechanical devices that were designed to automatically pay out. The first video slot, based entirely on computer software, was developed in 1976. When online casinos came into being in the mid 1990s, slot machines were their mainstay.

  • Slots FAQ

    We have covered everything about playing slots machines in the Learning Slots section. But you may yet have some questions to ask. The Slots FAQ section includes a list of questions that are most often asked about playing slots machines. These will also provide a quick reference that can be used later.

  • Slots Rules

    Slots machines consist of three or five reels with a number of different symbols on them. When the reels come to rest, the combinations on the paylines that have like symbols are matched against the table provided and payouts made to the player. Bonus games are included in contemporary slots to make them more attractive.

  • Slots Strategy

    One of the most important aspects of slots machine strategy is managing the bankroll, which is deciding how much to wager on each spin based on overall funds availability. Understanding slots machine volatility and payout percentages is important because it indicates the level of risk that you will be taking.

  • Slots Tips

    Slots tips are tricks of the trade that enable players to derive maximum benefit from the slots machine and prevent them from falling prey to common myths. The tips will help players in choosing the slots games most suited for them, in choosing the betting parameters wisely and above all in telling them when they should stop wagering.

  • Slots Variations

    Within the different types of slots there are variations available and this section will explain the usual variations encountered. Some of the variations described include loose slots, online slots, land slots, free slots and 3D slots. An understanding of these will help you in matching the slots machine with your individual preferences.

  • Types of Slots

    Developers of slots machines constantly innovate in order to stay ahead. Therefore a new player is faced with different types of slots machines. This section explains the different types with relation to their structure and to the different types of features offered. Also slots machines in some countries have special characteristics.

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